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1. Complete the following sentence: “Cod damn!” said one of the white boys. Suddenly Roy recognized one of them. It was…

Charlie Mumford, a neighbor

Charlie Mumford, an old playmate

Charlie Mumford, an old classmate

Charlie Mumford, an old colleague

2. Finish the following sentence: All the way up Mr. Prosset fired questions on him and …

He didn’t answer them

He refused to fire answers back

He fired answers right back

He Fired questions right back

3. Complete the following sentence: Rudolf looked towards the nearer door and saw that …

it was red

it was blue

it was green

it was white

4. Complete the following sentence: Jimmy took his suit-case and came up to Ben Price whom …

he had noticed long before

he had known long before

he had seen long before

he had noticed recently

5. Complete the following sentence: She was too excited to tell him the story clearly and … … … .

Jill could not understand anything at first

Jack could not understand anything at first

Mark could not understand anything at first

Bill could not understand anything at first

6. Complete the following sentence: And since he desired nothing more than a good relationship between his daughter …

and her stepmother

and her sister

and her brother

and her uncle

7. Many years later, fifteen at least, I happened to be in Seville and having some rifling indisposition asked the hotel porter whether there was an English doctor in the town. These sentences are from the text:

“The Happy Boy” by W.S. Maugham

“The Happy New year” by W.S. Maugham

“The Happy End” by W.S. Maugham

“The Happy Man” by W.S. Maugham

8. Complete the following sentence: to complete his education he went …

To France

To Italy

To the USA

To Russia

9. Complete the following sentence: A week ago Sunday … city had a blackout and all nine television stations in the area went out for several hours.


Los Angeles

New York


10. Finish the following sentence: The story spread over the ship. It was a fine joke that Mr. Know-All had been caught out. But Mrs. Ramsay went to her cabin…

with a headache

with a toothache

with a stomachache

with a pain

11. Complete the following sentence: The drunkard said he was … … wounded twice.

a real English

a real American

a real Mexican

a real Japanese

12. Complete the following sentence: It is impossible to describe the silent joy of our …





13. “Oh, by the means, sir” said the manager of one of the biggest book stores in New York. This sentence is from the text…

“The Sleeping Public”

“The Reading Public”

“The Speaking Public”

“The Working Public”

14. Complete the following sentence (Mind the text “Home” by L. Huges): Roy had ever been in …





15. Complete the following sentence: …later Aubrey discovered that a pair of Degas statuettes was missing from a stand opposite the Titian.

about ten minutes

about three minutes

about four minutes

about six minutes

16. Complete the following sentence: He had been verger for 16 years and …

didn’t like his job

wanted to change his job

was disappointed in his job

liked his job

17. Complete the following sentence: Martin decided to begin writing when he …

goes away

starts to write

allows him to start

comes back

18. Complete the following sentence: The room was familiar enough. It had been his for over … … .

eighteen years

four years

sixteen years

twenty years

19. Complete the following sentence: … wondered what would happen when his money was spent.

His relatives were shocked

His friends were shocked

His reputations were shocked

His relations were shocked

20. Complete the following sentence: The Ramsays were …

Respectable people

Shy people

Intelligent people

Gallant people

21. Complete the following sentence: Delia was taking piano lessons from the great Rosenstock, and he was taking a lot of money from …



Delia’s mother

Jack’s mother

22. Complete the following sentence: Only person the author knew in Boston was …

Miss Bennet

Miss Linda

Miss Jannet

Miss Berrilla

23. Complete the following sentence: He remained attentive to all her wishes, he took her to dine at restaurants. … … he was charming.

he sent her sweets

he sent her flowers

he sent her a bottle of wine

he sent her a kiss

24. These sentences are from the text: Jesse felt ready to weep. He was waiting me for Tom. Tom was his brother-in-law. Jesse knew he looked terrible.

“The Happiest Woman of Earth”

“The Happiest Boy of Earth”

“The Happiest Girl of Earth”

“The Happiest Man of Earth”

25. He was not well, and he was nervous. And he was unreasonably disturbed about the cage. The main character of the text is …





26. He thought for a minute or two. The main character of the text is …





27. Alec Barr looked briefly at the boy. “Somebody throws some water on him”, he said coldly to the seamen. And he went up to his room to clean his cuts. These sentences are from the text…

“A Good Play” by Ruark

“A Fresh Play” by Ruark

“A Foul Play” by Ruark

“A Soul Play” by Ruark

28. Complete the following sentence: Hunger and misery … terrible there. And the … … beating people who protested, or stole, or begged.

Were\ police were

Are\police are

Have been\police has been

Weren’t\police weren’t

29. He borrowed large sums from a man named…





30. Complete the following sentence: Jerry … and … let the car go and the drum began to go round and round.



Slowly/ carefully


2 нұсқа

1. Complete the sentence: One day Tripp… and leaned on my table. He was about … and looked …

Has come in/ forty/twenty-five

Came in/ twenty-five/ forty

Had come in/forty five/twenty-five

Came in/forty/twenty

2. Even I, if had sat down to think might have guessed the secret. But for the fishers, I might left my bones there. These sentences are from the text:

‘’The Explosion”

“The housemen”

“The Shipwreck”

“The Man and Boy”

3. Complete the sentence: next day Mr. Wilmot paid me…

A pound

A cent

A dollar

A euro

4. Complete the sentence: I knew no one in Boston except …

Miss Bennet

Miss Bernett

Miss Cherry

Miss Beniss

5. Finish the sentence: Alexander Barr was…

A scientist

A doctor

A teacher

A lieutenant

6. Complete the sentence: He looked round the hall. I could see that he was…

Looking for something

Giving something

Holding something

Asking something

7. Complete the sentence: At the house they said the boy had refused to let anyone come …

Into the house

Into the shop

Into the office

Into the room

8. Complete the sentence: It’s true. I am still working for the…, still doing a little work for the construction line.





9. Finish the sentence: The main hero of the text “The TV Blackout” is …

Mr. Simpson

Mr. Adams

Mr. Bufkins

Mr. Browns

10. Complete the sentence: One morning … said he wanted to talk to him.

The bank manager

The company director

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