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Тестовое задание:

Read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line. There is an example at the beginning (0).



It’s hard to find a place to eat which satisfies the whole family. 0…perfectionis not an easy thing to find when it comes to restaurants. I remember my parents taking me as a child to the most 1 ……………. restaurant they could find. They didn’t think it was worth spending a lot of money on someone who had no table manners! Today the choice of restaurants is so great, however, that total 2…………..is rare. It’s difficult to explain exactly what I’m looking for in a restaurant. It’s certainly not 3…………… surroundings, although I must admit that I’m usually 4………………. to go into a place which looks dirty or dingy. In these

days of fast food, it takes a lot of 5………………… to persuade my own children that a bowl of salad is every bit as tasty as a burger and chips! Some parents I know 6……………….. taking their children to fast food restaurants, but I’ve always made an effort to go and see just what’s available in those places. I can’t honestly say that some of the experiences were so good that they were 7………………, but at least I feel I have given the fast food chains a try. I would like to be able to say that we go out to dinner once a week. 8………………………, this is not the case. We either seem to be too busy, or decide that it’s more 9……………………. to have a family meal at home, which is probably for the best!












Тренировочное задание:

It’s more expensive to live in the city than in the country. — В городе жить намного дороже, чем в деревне.

It disappointed everyone that the city did not win the prize in the «Best Cities of Russia” competition. — Все были разочарованы тем, что город не выиграл приз.

I feel very disappointed at not getting the job. — Мне очень жаль, что меня не взяли на эту работу.

She felt deep disappointment at not getting the job in the Travel Agency “Ugramegatur” . — Она была раздосадована тем, что не получила работу в турфирме “ЮграМегаТур».

The Khanty never lived in luxury. — Ханты никогда не жили в роскоши.

Can we afford the luxury of a second car? — Мы можем позволить себе иметь вторую машину?

The manager of the hotel “Terey” is willing to help. — Менеджер отеля “Тарей» охотно поможет.

I would willingly give you a little piece of good advice. — Я охотно дам вам маленький добрый совет.

The manager of the Entertainment Center “Langal” expressed the willingness to work with us. — Менеджер развлекательного центра «Лангал» выразила готовность работать с нами.

She is unwilling to participate in it. — Она не хочет принимать в этом участие.

They very unwillingly.listened to that proposition. — Они очень неохотно выслушали это предложение.

The court determined that the taxpayer was not entitled to a refund. — Суд решил, что у этого налогоплательщика нет права на обратную выплату.

We determined on leaving early in the morning. — Мы решили уехать рано утром.

Demand determines the price. — Спрос определяет цену.

It’s just like you to do that. — Это очень похоже на вас; это как раз то, чего от вас можно ожидать.

There is nothing like home — Hет места лучше, чем дом.

He dislike going to the Sushi Bar “Ya za Sushi”. — Он не любит ходить в суши-бар “Я за суши».

She forgot about the concert in the Concert and Theater Complex «Ugra-Classic”. — Она забыла о концерте в концерно-театральном комплексе «Югра-Классик»

He forgot his old friends. — Он перестал общаться со своими старыми друзьями.

Forget it! — Не обращайте внимания! Пустяки! Не стоит благодарности!

She has become very forgetful in recent years. — Она стала очень забывчива в последние годы.

Sometimes people are forgetful of good manners. — Порой люди пренебрегают хорошими манерами.

I am not satisfied with your work. — Я не доволен твоей работой.

The volunteers of the “Zoo-Life-Saving” Society felt satisfction that a fair compromise had been reached. — Волантеры общества “Зооспас» были довольны тем, что нашли компромиссное решение.

Тестовое задание:

1. inexpensive

2. disappointment

3. luxurious

4. unwilling

5. determination

6. like

7. unforgettable

8. unfortunately

9. satisfying

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