Фрагмент урока At the Lost Property Office

Тема урока “At the lost property office” (Spotlight 6, стр.72)

Цель урока: отработать навыки диалогической речи, постановки вопросов и использования норм вежливости.

Good morning, students. Glad you all come on time and you’re ready to study. Have a look at your desks, please. Is everything you need there?

(учащиеся могут сообщить о том, что что-то оставили дома — e.g I left my favourite pen at home.)

Well… How often do you leave or forget your things in different places?

I left my umbrella (book, sunglasses) in a bus (a train, in the park, in the airport, at one’s place).

I see such situations happen very often. Do you think we can get our things back? Where can we find our lost things? Have a look at this sign — “Lost Property Office”.

Учащиеся переводят название и обсуждают возможность посещения бюро находок. (На доске надпись Lost Property Office, плакат с изображением служащего “Office Clerk”, клиента Mr. Sanders и реплики героев).

Please, match the speaker and his words.

Excuse me. Is this the lost property office? (Mr. Sanders)

What can I do for you? (Office Clerk)

Where did you leave it? (Office Clerk)

At the post office in East Street (Mr. Sanders)

You are welcome (Office Clerk)

What does it look like? (Office Clerk)

Thank you very much. (Mr. Sanders)

Now let’s listen to the dialogue and find out what Mr. Sanders is looking for.

Mr. Sanders : Excuse me. Is this the lost property office?

Office Clerk: Yes. What can I do for you?

Mr. Sanders : I lost my bag and I would like to report it.

Office Clerk : Where did you leave it?

Mr. Sanders: I think I left it on the 9 o’clock train from Leeds.

Office Clerk : What does it look like?

Mr. Sanders : It is a big leather bag.

Office Clerk : What colour is it?

Mr. Sanders: It’s brown.

Office Clerk : Does it have a handle?

Mr. Sanders: Yes, it does.

Office Clerk : What was in it?

Mr. Sanders : Some clothes and my camera, a Nikon 325.

Office Clerk : OK … I have some bags over here. Do any of these look familiar?

Mr. Sanders: Yes, mine is the one in the corner.

Office Clerk: Let’s have a look inside to check … A couple of T-shirts and your camera. Here you are.

Mr. Sanders: Thank you very much!

Office Clerk : You’re welcome.

So… What is Mr. Sanders looking for? (a big leather bag)

Is it at the Lost Property Office? (yes, it is)

We listen for the second time. Write down the Clerk’s questions.

(Учащиеся записывают вопросы и обсуждают результаты с учителем)

Now you get situation cards.

Make up your own dialogues using the words from the cards.

Use the given dialogue as a pattern ( образец).

Пример карточки What — a cap; a cell phone

Where — in a taxi; in a cafe

Looks like – red, checked; dark blue, with an animal sticker

Учащиеся разыгрывают диалоги.

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