Эссе с высказыванием собственного мнения

Opinion essay. Using the Internet technology distracts people from real life communication.

Nowadays many people don’t imagine their life without gadgets. Is it really so bad for people’s relations? I absolutely disagree with this opinion and I’m going to prove my point of view in this essay.

To start with, media devises such as laptops, mobile phones make communication easier and faster. When you need help or advice you can do it in no time. Moreover, if your parents or children live far away, you can call them every day. In addition, using the Internet you have a good opportunity to get to know people who share your interests and in such a way to increase your possibilities of communication.

On the other hand, there are those who believe that personal contact can’t be substituted by distant conversation because we are not able to watch emotions of people while talking. Furthermore, you completely stop visiting friends, go to a theatre or to a cinema with them.

However, I’m standing for my position. For instance, what can my opponents offer to disabled people? For them media devices is the only way to be involved into social life. Besides, there are situations when it is necessary to avoid personal contacts because they can be dangerous.

In conclusion, people’s use of the Internet, gadgets and devises enriches their daily experience of conversation. As technology advances, I’m sure people will be closer to each other.

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