англиские тесты 555_1

…I park my car in your garage? May.

…I come in? May.

…I have a cup of coffee, please? Can.

…I interrupt you for a moment? May.

…is a big oil deposit in Kyzylorda oblast. Kumkol.

“How much does it cost?” Maya asked Nellya. Maya asked Nellya how much it cost.

“Nelson’s Column” is a name of a … Monument.

…I go out? May.

…plains and lowlands of Kazakhstan stretch like green lines. Vast.

…you speak any foreign languages? Can.

…you wait a moment, please? Can

A bill has to go three stages in order to … an act of parliament of Britain. Become.

A fair face may hide a foul … Soul.

A lot of tourists from all over the world come to London to … its treasures. Admire.

A man is as good as he feels, and a woman as old as she … Looks.

A nice holiday for children- Halloween is on … October 31.

A piece of land which is surrounded by … is an island. Water.

A tree is known by its … Fruit.

A very important part of the American ____ system is the community college educational

A woman’s … is never done. Work

After finishing school I decided to … law. Study.

After getting … of Kazakhstan the city got its ancient name Taraz. The independence.

After three years’ hard work he was ………….. Promoted.

America … discovered by Columbus. Was.

An Englishman’s house is his …Castle.

Answer the question: Who chooses the Cabinet of Ministers in the UK? the Prime Minister

Ascar … speak many foreign languages. Can.

Astana is the great educational centre in the Republic of Kazakhstan, there are many ____ and ____ there universities, colleges

Before you are called for interview, they will read your letter of …..carefully. Application.

By last Monday they … already moved to Astana. Had.

By the end of December he ____all the exams. Will have passed.

Children … play football in the street. Must not.

Choose the right adverb or pronoun in Reported Speech : ago. Before.

Choose the right adverb or pronoun in Reported Speech : here. There.

Choose the right adverb or pronoun in Reported Speech : next. The following.

Choose the right adverb or pronoun in Reported Speech : now. Then.

Choose the right adverb or pronoun in Reported Speech : these. Those.

Choose the right adverb or pronoun in Reported Speech : this. That.

Choose the right adverb or pronoun in Reported Speech : today. That day.

Choose the right adverb or pronoun in Reported Speech : tomorrow. The next day.

Choose the right adverb or pronoun in Reported Speech : tonight. That night.

Choose the right adverb or pronoun in Reported Speech : yesterday. The day before.

Choose the right antonym: advantage. Disadvantage.

Choose the right antonym: dangerous. Safe.

Choose the right antonym: early. Late.

Choose the right antonym: possible. Impossible.

Choose the right antonym: dependence. Independence.

Choose the right antonym: difficult. Easy.

Choose the right antonym: heavy light

Choose the right antonym: strength. Weakness.

Choose the right question to the underlined word : Her husband has never loved her Whom has her husband never loved ?

Choose the right question to the underlined word : His parents have already discussed this matter. Who has already discussed this matter?

Choose the right sentence in Present Perfect: We haven’t discussed this matter yet.

Choose the right sentence in Present Perfect: At last I have done my homework.

Choose the right sentence in Present Perfect: Has he decided what he must do?

Choose the right sentence in Present Perfect: Where is boss? He has just gone away.

Choose the right synonym: aim. Goal.

Choose the right synonym: citizen inhabitant

Choose the right synonym: country. State.

Choose the right synonym: main. Principal.

Choose the right synonym: manufacture. To produce.

Choose the right synonym: objective. Aim.

Choose the right synonym: profession. Occupation.

Choose the right synonym: prominent. Famous.

Choose the right synonym: to begin. To start.

Choose the right synonym: to finish school. To leave school.

Choose the right synonym: to get a job to find a position

Choose the right synonym: to join. To link.

Choose the right synonym: to think. To consider.

Choose the right synonym: utilize. To use.

Choose the right variant: Applicant.

Choose the right variant: Manager.

Choose the right variant: Profession.

Choose the right variant: Ability.

Choose the right variant: Career.

Choose the right variant: Occupation.

Choose the right variant: Responsibility.

Choose the right variant: Resume.

Choose the right variant: Well-paid.

Choose the suitable word to the word “below” zero

Choose the suitable word to the word “constitutional” republic

Choose the suitable word to the word “economic” development

Choose the suitable word to the word “landlocked” country

Choose the suitable word to the word “mineral” resourses

Choose the suitable word to the word “political” scene

Choose the suitable word to the word “popular” referendum

Choose the suitable word to the word “total” area

Choose the suitable word to the word “vast” territory

Choose the synonym: profession. Occupation.

Choose was tired because he ____hard in the office. Had worked.

Don’t cry before you are …Hurt.

Easy come, easy … Go.

Everyone … obey the law. Must.

Geographically Great Britain is divided into … Lowland and Highland

Give the synonym of the word: out of work Unemployment

Good clothes open all … Doors.

Government in the USA consists of … branches 3

Great Britain is a highly developed … country. Industrial.

He … be sitting in this office. Must.

He … ride fast. Can.

He asked students: “Are you reading the text now?” He asked students if they were reading the text then.

He has lived in England for some time but he ___ speak English can’t

He said to her : “When will you be back?” He asked her when she would be back.

He said to me: “Take the instructions and read it”. He told to take the instructions and read it.

He said to us: “Stay at home now”. He asked us to stay at home then.

He was very tired. He … done a lot of work. Had.

Here’s my report. I … finished it at last. Have.

How long can you be president for the USA? For two terms of four years.

How long does it take you to get to … Work

How many branches is the government of the USA divided into? 3

How many chambers does the Parliament consist in the UK? 2.

How many houses does the USA Congress consist of?? 2.

How many parts does UK consist of? 4.

How many people … she invited? Has.

How many states does the USA consist of? 50.

I ___ stay at home yesterday evening. Didn’t have to.

I ____Peter this week. Haven’t seen.

I … buy some new clothes. Must.

I … earn my pocket money. Must.

I … finished my homework by 7 o’clock yesterday. Had.

I … get a better job to support my family. Must.

I … go on a diet. Must.

I … not believe you’ve lost your job. Can.

I … translate this text without a dictionary. Can.

I asked Bob : “What is the most popular Internet service?” I asked Bob what the most popular Internet service was.

I asked Nurlan: “Have you bought the computer?” I asked Nurlan if he had bought the computer.

I began to … about my future profession. Think.

I can’t go to the park now; I’ve got too much … to do. Work

I have to study, so I ought … in the reading hall to stay

I never ___ to England. Have been.

I promise I ___ smoking will stop

I understand it very well. You … explain further. Needn’t

I would like to get a … job in future. Well-paid.

I’ll … go now. My friends are waiting Have to

I’m afraid you ___ do it. Won’t be able to.

If the mountains will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet must go to … The mountains.

In Britain most of the rains fall in the late… Autumn.

In the south of Kazakhstan winter is … Warm and mild.

In the USA iron is mined near … . the Great Lakes

In the west and north Kazakhstan borders with … Russian Federation.

It is very late, you _____ phone them now. Have to.

It’s a secret. You … tell anyone. Mustn’t

It’s difficult to find a well-paid …….. job. Permanent

It’s five years since I…had a holiday Have.

It’s never too late … To learn.

Kazakhstan has become one of the main regions producing hard sorts of … Grain.

Kіруге рұқсат па? Можно войти? May I come in?

Lake Loch Ness is situated in …Scotland.

Love cannot be … Forced.

Main rivers in Kazakhstan are … The Irtysh, the Ural, the Chu.

Man is known by the company he … Keeps.

Marriages are made in … . Heaven.

Martin informed us that he … Mary the following morning. would meet

Mrs. Smart was a poor woman; she wanted her sons to learn some useful … Trade

My friend ___ the difficult problem today. Has solved.

My parents ___ to the USA many times. Have been.

My sister and her husband ___ since last Christmas Have been married.

My sister is fond of medicine; she is going to choose the … of a doctor Profession

My uncle Kasen is a plumber by … and he likes his job. Trade

Mен жылдам жүгіре аламын. Я могу бежать быстро. I can run fast.

Mен сізді түсіне алмадым. Я не могу понять вас. I can’t understand you.

Mен шахмат ойнай аламын. Я умею играть в шахматы. I can play chess.

Nauryz Kozhe includes … compulsory elements, each standing for a vital beginning. Seven.

Never put off till tomorrow what can be done…Today.

Next week she ____ go to London on business. Will have to.

Nick … run long distances. Can.

of modal verbs. I am afraid the weather … change for the worse. may

On the basis of the Bolashak program Kazakhstani students get … at the universities of the USA and Europe Education.

One of the main tasks of Kazakhstan is its joining the … WTO.

Our manager … gone to Almaty on business. Has.

Oл бұл кітапты ала алады. Он может взять эту книгу. He may take this book.

People who have retired are paid a ……… .Pension.

Repetition is the mother of … Learning.

Rome was not built in … A day.

Sanford is a surgeon and he is quite famous in his … Profession

She ___ been in Britain by next Monday. Will have.

She ___lunch by the time we arrive. Will have had.

She … help you tomorrow Will be able to

She … read Kazakh. Can.

She said “I love children” She said that she loved children

She said to Helen: “Will you go shopping today?” She asked Helen if she would go shopping that day.

She said to him: “Send them a telegram today”. She asked him to send them a telegram that day.

She said to me: “Did you see the boss this morning?” He asked whether I had seen the boss that morning.

She said to me: “Where have you been?” She asked me where I had been.

She wants to … for this position. Apply.

She wants to go to the University, so she … a lot has to read

Shығармашылық жұмыс. Творческая работа. Creative work.

Someone who decides cases in a court of law. A judge.

Someone who does general office work. A clerk.

Someone who helps companies with their bookkeeping and finances. Accountant.

Someone who plans the building of roads, machines, bridges. etc. An engineer.

Someone who represents people with legal problems. A lawyer.

Someone who sells things in a shop. A salesman.

Someone who translates things. An interpreter.

Someone who welcomes and deals with people arriving at a hotel. A receptionist.

Someone who writes for a newspaper. A journalist.

Someone who writes letters and answers the telephone. Helps her boss to plan his time. A secretary.

Students … not smoke at the University. Must.

Sunday is … a very calm day in London

Sен күніне қанша сөз жаттай аласың? Сколько слов в день ты умеешь выучить? How many new words can you learn every day?

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