алина тест 3

Tasks 3

Task 1 Заполните пропуски в предложениях:

There…a lot of exhibitions last year. (were)

….there many engineers in the office at the moment?(now)

There … a meeting next Monday. (will)

There … many contracts signed after the fair. (are)

…. there… any interesting offers for our company? (are)

There…. much new equipment at the plant. (is)

… … any files on the desk? (there are)

…. … no new orders last month. (there are)

What …. …. on that shelf? (is)

… …. some problems to solve. (there are)

Task 2 Подчеркните правильную форму глагола.

Пример: I have never taken / took part in the talks.

Lots of things have happened / will happen since I last saw you.

They have signed / signed some profitable contracts lately.

Our executive manager is out. He went / has gone on business.

A student failed his exam. He didn’t prepare / hadn’t prepared well.

The marketing specialists will supply / will have supplied all the exhibits by the end of the week.

The engineers arrived / had arrived before the tests began.

There was no reply. Everybody left / had left.

Last year we went / have gone to Denmark.

Sorry I’m late. The car has broken / had broken on my way here.

The equipment was / has been of high quality.

Task 3 Прочтите письмо. Заполните пропуски подходящими модальными глаголами.

Dear Clare,

I’m writing to ask if you 1) can give me some advice. I’m a twenty-year-old student who 2)must survive on the money my parents send me. My parents live in a small village. When I succeeded in my exam, I 3)can to Leeds to attend university. My parents are over 60 and 4)can no longer work. I feel like I 5) need be giving them money to help them instead of getting money from them. On top of that, my sister leaves school next year and she 6) must want to go to university too. I feel I 7)must do something for her as well. There 8)may be a way. I think I 9)should try to get a job but I 10) think of what I 11)can do. It 12)may be a good idea to work evenings so I can study during the day. You see, I 13)must attend all my lectures or I 14) can fail my course. Of course I 15)can leave University but I don’t want to. I 16)can do something soon but what? Please advise me. What 17)must I do?

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